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Brilliant You Podcast with Janet Zaretsky

Apr 26, 2018

Words matter. Words can change the stories we tell, how we present ourselves and even, how we shape our reality.

I’ve long been a lover of language. I believe language is everything and sometimes, it’s all we have. So, I was really excited to invite Liz Feezor on the Brilliant You Podcast.

Liz is a fellow language lover, a writer and creative. She has recently left an impressive career in corporate America to share the power of words with entrepreneurs and businesses.

What does that mean? Quite simply, she’s using language to help others transform their message, their brand, their business culture, and their reality.

Plus, she shares insights from her former life (working in HR) about the gender wage gap and how language can play a big role in ending it. As you may know, this is my personal mission and I was really inspired by what she had to say.

In this episode, Liz shares what it was like to leave a comfortable career and lean into the struggle of starting a business based on her lifelong passion. And, how she had to embrace her personal definition of success - even though it differed from the norm.

Ultimately, she came to the realization that as a powerhouse woman, she’s the author of her own story and she gets to choose how it’s written.

Want to learn how to write your own story (and make it a good one)? In this episode, Liz reveals what she believes is the key to living a better story and what you need to do to make it your reality.

Listen to this episode and discover how to stop letting others write your story. Own the language and live into the future you create.

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