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Brilliant You Podcast with Janet Zaretsky

May 1, 2018

Hi, how are you? No. Really, how are you?

It’s a question that we ask and answer everyday but all too often, there’s no weight to our query. It’s just a passing greeting.

My guest on the podcast this episode knows first hand how impactful that question can be when it’s asked and answered earnestly. That when we really ask, and we truthfully answer, we give space to a discussion about our feelings and our mental health.

Courtney Blanton is the Executive Director of the Hi How Are You Foundation, an Austin-based, nonprofit organization that raises awareness, and funds research around mental health issues. It also works to erase the taboo associated with being open and discussing mental health issues.

In this episode of the Brilliant You Podcast, she shares her truth about living with depression, learning to confidently give voice to her reality, and pivot from running a interior design business (for 17 years) to the nonprofit world.

Starting the foundation came from her desire to decrease the stigma around mental illness and work toward a world where those dealing with it no longer feel shame. It was a personal passion for her and that helped her to connect to her work while also feeding her soul.

She also shares what it takes to jump in to a brand new business and navigate the waters of running a nonprofit foundation. Plus, she reveals where she finds inspiration daily and why she believes that we all need to stand up for ourselves, unapologetically.

By the end of this episode, you’ll see the importance of self-preservation and how having a passion project can completely change how you do business.

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