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Brilliant You Podcast with Janet Zaretsky

Jun 15, 2018

As entrepreneurs, we face a litany of mental challenges that can derail our business. Not to mention the external challenges we face. If we’re not battling our own self doubt, loneliness and overwhelm, we’re dealing with non-entrepreneurs who wonder why we don’t just ‘get a job.’

My guest on the podcast this episode has been an entrepreneur for several decades, successfully running a variety of businesses in health, marketing, and now in personal development. She knows these challenges first hand and through the eyes of her clients.

But she says, there is one thing that keeps her on track. One thing that can keep any entrepreneur on track, no matter how many challenges they face. In this episode, she reveals how you can develop a practice of inquiry that will lead you to that one thing.

Lisa Engels is passionate about helping conscious entrepreneurs find their purpose so that they can serve humanity with their gifts. She is a social evolutionary working toward a new humanity that is free and expansive. In addition to her coaching and mentoring (through, she is also the Marketing Directory for the Center for Integral Wisdom and co-hosts a weekly livestream program called Evolutionary Church.

In this episode of the Brilliant You Podcast, we dive right into recognizing and overcoming the challenges entrepreneurs face. We explore the dichotomy of the American Dream and the reality of running your own business.

Lisa shares her views on how the desire to make a difference can sometimes get lost along the rocky road of entrepreneurism. And, how we can let go of our ego to find our way back to contributing to the greater whole in a way that only we, as individuals, can do.

By the end of this episode, you’ll know the one thing you need to discover in order for you to be the entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be. Plus, how to use the practice of inquiry to discover it. This is how you’ll step into your unique power as a powerhouse woman.

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